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Database of the Month for April — HeinOnline Women and the Law Collection


Looking for resources in women and the law? We are pleased to announce a new database addition to HeinOnline – Women and the Law (Peggy), a new collection uniting books, biographies and periodicals dedicated to the role of women in society and the l aw.

Notable works included in this library are History of Woman Suffrage (1881-1922), the complete Feminism and Legal Theory Project, and the Documentary History of the Legal Aspects of Abortion series. Also featured are other works on abortion, biographies of famous women, works pertaining to legal rights and suffrage, and books and journals that pertain to the role of women in education and employment.

● Works on Abortion
● Biographies of Famous Women
● Feminism and Legal Theory Project
● Legal Rights & Suffrage
● Women & Education
● Women & Employment
● Women & Society
● Scholarly Articles
● Bibliography of Other Works
● Periodicals
● Title IX – Forthcoming

This database is accessible through HeinOnline. You can browse all the available titles, in alphabetical order or by subjects. Or you can conduct an advanced search in this collection.

Another highlight I find very helpful is HeinOnline offers a handful of links to external sites for further research needs. A few example websites include: Women’s Legal HistoryWomen Watch (United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality)Avon Global Center for Women and Justice.


As always, should you have any questions feel free to ask a librarian! We’d also like to hear from you on your feedback using this database. Happy Researching! :)

Databases of the Month — March


Have you heard that Californians turn to rain dances to pray for water? Did you know that Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto say pipeline is ‘bigger mistake’ than Vietnam War? Are you trying to keep up with the nuclear crisis issues? You can find all the answers on Environment & Energy (E&E)’s five daily online publications. E&E publications inlcude GreenWire, EnergyWire, ClimateWire, E&E Daily, and E&ENews PM.

  • EnergyWire: The Politics and Business of Unconventional Energy.
  • ClimateWire: The Politics and Business of Climate Change.
  • E&E Daily: The Best Way to Track Congress.
  • Greenwire: The Leader in Energy and Environmental Policy News.
  • E&ENews PM: Late-Breaking Energy and Environmental Policy News

You can set up email alerts to receive daily coverage of major and breaking news in the following areas:

  • U.S. federal legislation
  • U.S. environmental regulation and federal agencies
  • International and U.S. climate policy issues
  • Global energy resources and markets
  • Unconventional energy (fracking, deep water, etc.)
  • Electric utilities
  • Alternative energy
  • Air and water issues
  • Hazardous and toxic substances
  • Public lands
  • Endangered species
  • Mining and agriculture
  • Technology

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to ask any of our reference librarians!

Database of the Month for February — Ebrary


I know it’s a little late this month for me to introduce the Database of the Month. I apologize for the delay due to my time away in China. But I’m still very thrilled to bring you another fabulous resource students and faculty use a lot and love it– Ebrary. Ebrary is a multidisciplinary database of full texts of over 70,000 scholarly e-books in 16 subjects. Ebrary added over 4,100 multidisciplinary e-books from multiple well known publishers such as Harvard University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Oxford University Press, University of Chicago Press, and other leading publishers.

Some of you may have been using a great function Ebrary offers — downloading! You can download e-books onto your computer and multiple devices. And try Ebrary’s app for the Android or iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!

New to Ebrary? Want to learn more perks such as highlighting and taking notes? Check out the Quick Start Guide.

Have more questions about downloading a title in Ebrary? See our FAQ page or Ask a Librarian!