Database of the Month for February — Ebrary


I know it’s a little late this month for me to introduce the Database of the Month. I apologize for the delay due to my time away in China. But I’m still very thrilled to bring you another fabulous resource students and faculty use a lot and love it– Ebrary. Ebrary is a multidisciplinary database of full texts of over 70,000 scholarly e-books in 16 subjects. Ebrary added over 4,100 multidisciplinary e-books from multiple well known publishers such as Harvard University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Oxford University Press, University of Chicago Press, and other leading publishers.

Some of you may have been using a great function Ebrary offers — downloading! You can download e-books onto your computer and multiple devices. And try Ebrary’s app for the Android or iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!

New to Ebrary? Want to learn more perks such as highlighting and taking notes? Check out the Quick Start Guide.

Have more questions about downloading a title in Ebrary? See our FAQ page or Ask a Librarian!

Database of the Month — JSTOR

Starting January this year, we are going to have “Database of the Month” for 12 months of 2014. We would like to introduce and promote one database each month for our students, faculty and staff, for you to incorporate it into your research. For January we present one of the most popular databases on campus — JSTOR.

Given the popularity of JSTOR and its wide research needs, the library recently has acquired more contents on JSTOR. Woohoo! The new content provides core journals in several additional disciplines including: archaeology; classics; and African, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and Slavic studies. The added collection also represents the largest cluster of health policy titles in JSTOR and the largest collection of international titles with over 15 countries represented.

Some of you may already know JSTOR is a full text database that contains back-issues articles. Some of the most recent published journal issues may not be available. However, several publishers provide links to the recent content on their own website, and you can include these article citations in your JSTOR search by checking the “Include links to external contents.”

Here’s a tutorial from JSTOR YouTube channel to get your started on the Advance Search.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate ask a reference librarian, or email us If you have questions regarding accessing databases, please contact Chenfang, or 831-1445.

Thanksgiving Library Hours and Winter Break Library Hours

Thanksgiving Break Hours

Wednesday, 11/27          8AM-5PM

Thursday, 11/28              Closed

Friday, 11/29                   9AM-5PM

Saturday, 11/30               9AM-5PM

Sunday, 12/1                   9AM-Midnight


Reading, Exam, and Winter Break Hours

December 7-19                 8AM-Midnight

December 20                    8AM-5PM

December 21-January 1   Closed

January 2-3                       9AM-5PM

January 4-5                       Closed

January 6                          9AM-5PM

January 7                           8AM-Midnight

January 8                             Spring Hours begin, 8AM-Midnight