HeinOnline enhancements

Most, if not all of the readers of this blog, are familiar with HeinOnline, and recognize it as one of the best sources for PDF versions of law review articles.  You may not however be familiar with all of the available enhancements.

When you have completed a search in the Law Journal Library you will of course find a link to the article.  You also find how many times the article has been cited within Hein online.  Clicking on the link will provide you with access to the citing article.  There you will find a link called “view matching text pages,” which will show you exactly where within the citing article the citation to the original article appears.

By checking the number of times the article was accessed (within the most recent 12 month period), you get a sense of how important other readers considered the article.

Heinonline1.7-14-2014 3-17-16 PM Heinonline2. 7-14-2014 3-30-59 PM



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Database of the Month for July — InsideEPA.com


InsideEPA.com is a news awareness service from EPA that covers federal environmental policy, state activities, and international issues. Hundreds of environmental documents are added every week to a database that already comprises thousands of documents. These include policy papers, comments, draft and final regulations, court decisions, legislation, state proceedings, and many other types of information of immediate interest. Topics covered include budget, water, waste, air, energy, natural gas, etc. You can set up an email alert to notify you when a new issue has been posted on the site.

Find the latest Inside EPA issue here.

Access to InsideEPA.com and other databases is open to all VLS students, faculty and staff. VLS subscribed databases should be accessed from library’s page. If you access our databases off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your VLS username and password. If you need any assistance accessing or researching in our databases, feel free to contact a reference librarian, reference@vermontlaw.edu.



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The European Court of Human Rights decides French veil ban case

Today the European Court of Human Rights announced the judgment in the CASE OF S.A.S. v. FRANCE,  brought by a French woman who argued that the French ban on clothing in public that covered her face, such as the niqab or burqa, violated her freedom of conscience.

New York Times writes “At the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, judges said the ban was a legitimate attempt to preserve the norms of France’s diverse society and did not infringe on Europe’s Convention on Human Rights.”

Judgement of the Court here.

Books in the Cornell library on this topic appear under the following subject headings:

Veils-Social Aspects-France


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