The European Court of Human Rights decides French veil ban case

Today the European Court of Human Rights announced the judgment in the CASE OF S.A.S. v. FRANCE,  brought by a French woman who argued that the French ban on clothing in public that covered her face, such as the niqab or burqa, violated her freedom of conscience.

New York Times writes “At the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, judges said the ban was a legitimate attempt to preserve the norms of France’s diverse society and did not infringe on Europe’s Convention on Human Rights.”

Judgement of the Court here.

Books in the Cornell library on this topic appear under the following subject headings:

Veils-Social Aspects-France


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the Hobby Lobby case

As the Supreme Court term ends the big cases get decided.  In its 5-4 decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores the Supreme Court today agreed with Hobby Lobby which claimed that contaceptive coverage required by the Affordable Care Act conflicted with their owner’s religious principles and that under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 they should thus be exempted from providing such coverage.

Text of the decision on the Supreme court website appears here.

New York Times coverage appears here.

Scotusblog coverage appears here.




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Database of the Month for June — Environmental Law Reporter


As you are taking summer courses at VLS this summer, we’d like to remind you of a terrific research resource the library subscribes to — Environmental Law Reporter (ELR). As its name indicates, it’s a database focusing on all aspects of environmental law and policy. It covers the areas of air, climate change, energy, land use, natural resources, toxic substances, water, wildlife, and so forth.

ELR has three components:

  • News & AnalysisELR’s highly respected monthly journal, provides insightful articles relevant to both legal practice and policy on today’s most pressing environmental topics. News & Analysis is available in print as well as online.
  • ELR UPDATE provides expert summaries three times a month of the most important federal and state judicial and administrative developments as well as federal legislative and international news. You can also receive ELR Daily Update, their daily summary of federal administrative news.
  • ELR, is a one-stop environmental law and policy research site with access to over 40 years of ELR analysis, extensive links to statutes, regulations and policies, a comprehensive subject matter index, and many other tools.

Learn more about ELR’s navigation and search functions here.

ELR can be accessed through the list of databases on the library’s website. Want to research more in other environmental related databases, check out the list of our subscribed environmental databases. Besides these databases, JULIEN offers a bountiful collection of books and ebooks of your topic!

At always, we welcome you to consult a reference librarian for an individual consultation! Email to make an appointment with a librarian.


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