On Reserve in the Library: Study Aids

Are you confused already or just looking for an alternate explanation of the legal doctrine you learned in class? Consult a study aid or hornbook (hornbooks are legal treatises written for law students, if you haven’t learned in legal research yet). They can be checked out at the Circulation / Reserve Desk in the Library.

To find study guides in the Library, simply,
1. visit the Advanced Search page on Julien, the Library’s online catalog,
2. enter the name of your subject (e.g. torts, contracts, constitutional law, civil procedure, administrative law, etc.),
3. for location, highlight Reserve.
4. click Submit.

Some of the most popular, comprehensive, and clear hornbooks and study guides are:

    Examples and Explanations Series (Aspen)
    Understanding Series (Lexis)
    The Sum and Substance CD Series (West)

Need help finding a title? Just ask a Librarian.