U.S. Code iPhone App

FSU Law Professor, Shawn J. Bayem, created and released a U.S. Code App- more below- for free because “the statutes themselves are free, and I thought it would benefit more people that way.  It was motivated ultimately by a civic sense that these materials should be easy for anyone to find” (Florida State Law- For the Record p. 38).  For more law related apps check out the Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library’s App page.

US Code is suitable for law students or people who work in law at the federal level. All Titles are included, for instance the Bankruptcy Code, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the Criminal Code, the Internal Revenue Service Code, the Judicial Procedure Code, the Education Code, the Labor Code, and the Public Health and Welfare Code.


-Complete coverage of all 50 Titles and Appendixes comprising all 51,566 sections of the Code.
-Fully searchable by key word and citation.
– 50,000 word index.
-Customizable font size.
-Automatic updates when the law changes.