The Dispute Resolution Program and the Collection

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of the Dispute Resolution program at VLS and in commemoration, VLS is hosting the “The Mediator and Public Policy” conference. Conference speakers include: John P. McCrory, Joseph B. Stulberg, Lawrence Susskind, Philip Harter, and Amy Cohen.

The library’s collection contains books authored by those speaking at the conference; for example, Lawrence E. Susskind, and Philip Harter.

An author search in JULIEN for “Susskind, Lawrence” returns 19 results. Susskind’s work is vast in terms of the subject matter related to mediation. In 1990, he authored Affordable Housing Mediation and most recently, in 2006, he authored Breaking Robert’s Rules: The New Way to Run your Meeting, Build Consensus, and Get Results. Susskind also writes on environmental mediation too.

Philip Harter’s co-authored the article “Ethical Dilemmas Arising out of Ombuds Practice” can be found in the book Dispute Resolution Ethics: A Comprehensive Guide. Harter is also the editor of the book Alternative Dispute Resolution: a Handbook for Judges.

Broaden the scope of your search in JULIEN, by doing a subject search for “Dispute Resolution Law. ” Add a location to the end of the search to narrow by location, like “Dispute Resolution Law Vermont.” You can also search dispute resolution by the type of material, like encyclopedia, or audiovisual aids—a search would look like, “Dispute Resolution Law Encyclopedia.”

We hope you will celebrate the development of the dispute resolution program at VLS today and browse the collection which supports and compliments the dispute resolution program too.