Hot Topic Series: Energy, Environment, and the Arab Revolution

Energy, Environment, and the Arab Revolution
June 19, 2012, 12:00pm
Oakes 007

“Kishan Khoday of the United Nations Development Programme: Control over the environment has been central to state legitimacy in the region, shaping the nature of autocratic governance. As law reform processes emerge and countries move to craft a new social compact, the sustainable use of resources will emerge as a key topic of contestation.”

One of the results of the Arab Spring is that in Egypt, this past Saturday, the people of Egypt voted  for president in a runoff election.

As such Kishan Khoday’s  talk on “Energy, Environment and the Arab Revolution” comes at an opportune time.

The talk description does not explicate what resources will be discussed, but one can imagine oil and water may be mentioned. We have a number of books on oil in the middle east, and water too. A simple keyword search for “water and the middle east” returns 28 results. A key word search for “oil and the middle east” returns just as many. Check out the book library lobby for a sample of a few.

I was also drawn to this ebook, The Next Founders: Voices of Democracy in the Middle East. Another book, The United Nations Development Program: A better Way? also caught my eye.

The Middle East, democracy, energy and the environment are very complex issues–I look forward to Khoday’s talk tomorrow.