I Spy Chickadees and Finches: Birdwatch in Tunbridge, 6/27

I love songbirds. Chickadees, finches, and the nuthatches are my favorite. In fact, I love songbirds so much that in high school, I completed my senior project on the subject matter.

On Wednesday, June 27th ecology professors, Walter Poleman and Tom Lautzenheiser, will lead a bird watch at Dean Sheilds’ home in Tunbridge. A carpool will leave at 7AM from the Oakes parking lot.

I wish that I’d known about the bird resources which are available here at the Cornell Library when I completed my senior project—I probably would have had a better grade! Fortunately, it is never to late to learn more about birds.

If you can’t make it to the birdwatch tomorrow, checkout “Birdwatching in Vermont.” Beyond information about birding, the book suggests places to go birding throughout the state. For our area, the “Upper Connecticut Valley” authors Ted Muri and Bryan Pfeiffer suggest, among other places, the Union Village Damn which has a “mystery trail.” This might be a great pit-stop after Treasure Island!

Check out “Sibley’s Birding Basics” to learn how to identify birds using clues like feathers, habitats, behaviors, and sounds. Author David Sibley also maintains a website about birding. Check out the “art” tab to see his beautiful drawings.

Of course, if you are interested in a policy implication of birdwatching, we have, “The International Politics of Bird Conservation: a Biodiversity, Regionalism, and Global Governance.”

Interested in more than just birds?! Check out “New England Wildlife: Habitat, Natural History, and Distribution.” Great illustrations abound in this guide, which is a “compilation of the natural history, distribution and habitat relations of the region’s amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals.” The literature cited sections offer readers the chance to explore topics of interest further, such as “salamander antipredator postures “or “predator stoneflies: role in freshwater stream communities.”

Enjoy the birding Wednesday!