The Luxury of Chosing Where Your Food Comes From…

Hot Topics – From Agricultural and Food Law to Food Systems Law: Teaching Farm to Fork
July 19, 2012, 12:00pm
Location: Oakes 007
The Environmental Law Center presents the Hot Topics in Environmental Law 2012 Summer Brown Bag Lecture Series.

“Stephanie Tai, University of Wisconsin Law Center: This talk will highlight the recent movement in legal pedagogy towards a more systems-oriented framing of food and agricultural law and explore implications for doctrinal and advocacy developments in these areas.”
In her discussion, I hope that Professor Tai will consider the social issues, in the system-oriented framing of food and agriculture law.

For example, if one struggles to feed their family, can they think about the source of your food. Are they able to consider whether it comes from 50 miles away, 5 miles away, or 3,000 miles away?

Unfortunately, in my opinion, we have a system in which thinking about your food source and choosing where you get your food, is related to income: it is a luxury.Local, organic food, when purchased from a store, is often more expensive then conventional food with thousands of food miles. Having fresh, local food on the plate should be the norm for everyone, not just the privileged.

One hopes the issue of social accessibility of food is considered in teaching the farm-to-fork initiative.

We also have a few books in the collection related to this matter:
Cultivating Food Justice
Governing Food Security
Food Politics
Closing the Food Gap
What are your thoughts? Is access to healthy, fresh food a right for everyone?

🙂 Heidi