I Can’t Help It, I LOVE the Olympics!

I love the Olympics.

Tomorrow, I will watch the games while eating popcorn with lots of butter and salt. I’ll also create my own Olympic Mascot! Maybe I am a little sentimental, and drink the Olympic cool-aid too easily, but I can’t resist. In a world filled with sorrow and devastation,the Olympics are a much needed, world-wide event through which “a better world[ is built] through sport.” I am moved by the dedication of the athletes, the spirit of camaraderie which the games promote, and the moments of peace in which participants from nearly every corner of the earth share.

I’ll also admit that when I take off the “rose-colored-glasses” the Olympics have imperfections and raise some important questions. For example, what is the environmental impact of building the Olympic stadiums, fields, and event centers? Who can afford to actually go to the games? Who can and not compete at the games?

If you are interested in exploring the environmental, legal, political, and human perspectives of the Olympic games, check out a book from the library. A JULIEN search for “Olympic Games” returns a number of interesting books and ebooks including:

The Law of the Olympic Games
Impact of 2008 Olympic Games on  Human Rights and Law in China
America’s First Olympics: The St. Louis Games of 1904
Manufactured Sites: Rethinking the Post-Industrial Landscape

I hope you enjoy the Olympics and consider the event’s complexity. Check out NBC’s website for lots of Olympic coverage.

🙂 Heidi