VLS Media Fellow Concludes Summer 2012 Hot Topic Series

Hot Topics – The Solar Land Rush
August 02, 2012, 12:00pm
Location: Oakes 007

The Environmental Law Center presents the Hot Topics in Environmental Law 2012 Summer Brown Bag Lecture Series.

Jason Dearen, Associated Press: An environment reporter discusses the U.S. government’s first attempt to open public lands to utility-scale renewable energy projects, and how government mismanagement of the process led to land speculation, years of delays and few projects actually getting built.

VLS Media Fellow, Jason Dearen will conclude the Hot Topic Series tomorrow. For those of you who do not know, the VLS Media Fellow program is an innovative program through which journalists are able to broaden and deepen their understanding of environmental issues by coming to VLS and taking a class.  Fellows from all over the world, who work in various media forms,   audit a two-week summer course for free, receive  a stipend as well as housing and books.

John Cramer, Associate Director of Communications at VLS, told me the program started 10 years ago and has expanded recently. VLS now has three media fellows, compared to just two a few year ago.

Given the stakes of our world’s environmental challenges, we need all hands on deck to solve problems.  Journalists with a deeper understanding of environmental issues and who can communicate such issues to the broader public is just one of the vehicles through which enviromental challenges can be met.

Hats off to VLS for thinking broadly about education, and how we can work to protect the environment through journalism.

I did a little sleuthing in JULIEN, the library’s online catalog, related to journalism, the press, and bias. The following titles caught my eye.

When the Press Fails  : Political Power and the News Media from Iraq to Katrina

Rights vs. Responsibility: The Supreme Court and the Media

Community Journalism: Relentlessly Local

The Survival Guide to Journalism

And, if we think more broadly, outside the confounds of titles, everyone can articulate their vision of a better world, and advance environmental causes as guest columnists, and through letters to the editor in local newspapers. In fact, The Valley News, the local paper, will publish virtually all letters, regardless of their politics, providing they are in good taste, are signed by the author, and address a subject of broad concern.

So, write on!

🙂 Heidi