Be the First to Read all the Juicy Articles in your Favorite Law Journal!

Be the first to read the most interesting articles in your favorite law journal; set up an alert through HeinOnline!

HeinOnline previously delayed, for years sometimes, releasing digital issues of law journals. Now, 84% of the HeinOnline journals published in hardcopy are available digitally without delay.

As you scan the alphabetical law review lists in HeinOnline the word “UPDATED” tells that a new issue has been released.

You can receive a notification via email when a new journal is available on HeinOnline, via “eTOC Alert .” Each email alert will include a table of contents for the issue, with clickable links to individual articles.

To set up an “eTOC alert” you must…

Set up a MyHein Account
Go to Law Journal Library, select the journal you want to receive an alert for
Click on “Create eTOC Alert.” (See Below).