Unfinished Business: The Military’s Treatment of Transgender Servicemembers

Professor Greg Johnson presents “Unfinished Business: The Military’s Treatment of Transgender Servicemembers” on November 20th from 12:45-2 in the Cornell Seminar Room, to conclude the library’s fall  Faculty Author Series. All VLS community members are welcome

Professor Johnson describes his talk as follows:                                                              The LGBT civil rights movement achieved an historic victory last year when Congress repealed Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell, allowing lesbian and gay members of the military to serve openly for the first time. Yet our work is not done. The military still discriminates against transgender service members. The military considers any transgender expression a “psychosexual condition” which requires the service member’s automatic discharge. Several studies have looked into this growing problem, and each has reached grim conclusions; one said that the military has a “viscerally negative response” to transgender service members. Some discharged transgender service members have sued the military, but so far no lawsuit has been successful. This presentation will assess the likely outcome of such suits in light of recent developments in LGBT civil rights jurisprudence. It will also “unpack” arguments seeking to distinguish a ban on openly gay service members from a ban on transgender service members. Are there differences? Come to this presentation for a spirited debate on this compelling issue.

A subject search in JULIEN for “Transsexualism” returns 7 results. Another subject search, “United States — Armed Forces — Gays” returns 3 results. A search for “gender identity” returned 43 items.

Other interesting titles in the collection I found through various keyword searches, such as “Transgender in America,” “Sex Change,” and “Gender and the Law.”

How Sex Changed: A History of Transexuality in the United States.

The Rights of Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals, and Transgender People : the Authoritative ACLU Guide to a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender Person’s Rights

Intersexuality and the Law : Why Sex Matters

I’ve displayed a few of these books in the library lobby; I hope you have time to browse them, and spend some time in the stacks too!

🙂 Heidi