Hot Off the Press: VLS Environmental Watch List, 2013

About the Vermont Law Top 10 Environmental Watch List

Vermont Law School’s annual Top 10 Environmental Watch List is both retrospective and prospective.

Unlike a standard year-in-review list, the Watch List not only looks at the top environmental law and policy issues of the current year, but also how these issues may play out in the coming year.

The goal is to enhance public understanding, debate, and participation in judicial, regulatory, legislative, and other actions that significantly affect people and the natural world. The Top 10 issues are chosen based on their significance to the environment and to public well-being, and whether a key development is expected in the coming year.

The Watch List was selected by VLS’s Environmental Law Center faculty, and the accompanying articles were researched and written by faculty members and student staffers at the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law.

Look at the list here.