Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s New Book

Sandra Day O’Connor’s newest book “Out of Order: Stories from the History of the Supreme Court” comes at an important moment the Supreme Court’s history, as the Justice’s weigh in on the matter of gay marriage and the rights of gay spousal benefits.

The Supreme Court is one of our nation’s most important institutions. Justice O’Connor’s book lays out the  history  of the Court in terms of seminal judicial decisions,  former Justices, and how the Court became such an important institution. Justice O’Connor also offers insight into the “inner workings” of the Court, including: how cases are chosen, the personal relationships amongst the Justice’s, and the traditions of the Court.

Though Justice O’Connor retired from the Court in 2006, she continues to serve our country through a variety of means. I saw a recent television interview regarding this very book, during which she  mentioned  icivics.org, a website which she helped found that teaches civil lessons through educational games. Currently there are 16 educational games on  a range of topics including: Citizenry and Participation, the Separation of Powers, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Judicial Branch, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and Budgeting.

As we wait for the Courts important decision on gay marriage, we know for certain, Justice O’Connor’s service to the Court, as the first woman, impacts the Court today. Certainly, future stories from the history of the Supreme Court, will include her.

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3/26 Author Series!

Tomorrow, 3/26, Professor Jingjing Liu presents, “Oscillating Between Court Mediation and Adjudication in Chinese Environmental Lawsuits–Loss of Opportunities or a Happy Ending for All?” as part of the Library Author Series.

The series is a VLS community celebration of the accomplishment of faculty publication. The series encourages discussion and dialoging amongst the presenter and attendees.

Light refreshments will be served.
Cornell Seminar Room
All VLS community members welcome!

For those of you who can not attend, the lecture will be broadcasted on Royalton Community Radio.


On Friday 22 March, Vermont Law School will host a conference on “Reaching Critical Mass: International and U.S. Law in the Wake of Modern Exigencies.” The conference will explore issues in protecting against modern security threats while observing international law and protecting human rights.  Panelists include:

JenniferDaskalJennifer Daskal, former counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for National Security at the Department of Justice and former senior counterterrorism counsel at Human Rights Watch; author of the recent op-ed in the New York Times, Don’t Close Guantanamo.

VickiDivollVicki Divoll, former general counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and former deputy legal adviser to the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center; author of the recent op-ed in the New York Times, Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?

NazModirzadehNaz Modirzadeh, who leads the Counterterrorism and Humanitarian Engagement Project of the HLS-Brookings Project on Law and Security, Harvard Law School. Her…

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