Where do you find docket information on your own?

You may have already heard PACER when you look for a docket of a case. As a law student at VLS, you can also obtain docket information on your own from Bloomberg Law. Bloomberg Law is a comprehensive legal resource tool that specializes in business information and free dockets (to law students).

Some of the highlights include:

  • The Basics: Cases, BCiteSM, statutes, secondary materials.
  • Real world examples to assist with litigation and transactional drafting in the Dockets and DealMaker database.
  • Books, treatises, and practical guidance materials for learning about new areas of the law.
  • BNA Law Reports and News Search, which includes more than 50,000 news sources, to help you stay current on topics of legal and general interest.
  • Streamlined organizational tools including Notepad, collaborative Workspaces, and Alerts to keep you on top of your assignments and stay current.

Bloomberg Law also helps you with your career in:

  • Access Company and People Profiles to learn about who you are interviewing with, as well as the firm’s clients.
  • Review law firm’s cases and litigation documents, read law firm newsletters, and find examples of transactional deals firms have worked on to show you know their business.
  • Stay current on the practice area of the firm or organization using BNA Law Reports and News.

One thing our librarians particularly like Bloomberg Law about is the free and easy access to the dockets and the underlying documents — such as complaints, briefs, and orders.


With Docket Search, you can use whatever keywords you have or make the search more targeted by entering information in fields such as courts, docket number, and judge. When you choose to search the dockets of a federal district or bankruptcy court, you get specific fielded search options to match, such as nature of suit and ranges of assets and liabilities. Plus, you can run a quick docket search from anywhere on the system using the Bar in the orange banner.

Remain up to date on dockets by setting an alert that locks in your search criteria, so you’re notified automatically of any new dockets that match them. Share your alert with colleagues you select so everyone is on the same page.

Reference librarians can assist you locating a docket information or using Bloomberg Law in general. Email us at reference@vermontlaw.edu or stop by the library! Need a new Bloomberg Law account, contact Chenfang Yang at cyang@vermontlaw.edu.