Happy New Year and What’s New in the Library?

Hope everyone had an enjoyable winter break. We the librarians are always exploring new research resources for various needs. Often we get questions like “I need statistics on…, where should I look?”. Beginning this year, we added a new research database called Statista to satisfy such need. In short, Statista offers reliable data and industry reports, infographics, data in the U.S. and around the globe. Some highlights of Statista includes:

  • Statistics on specific topics of interest, such as Organic Food Industry, Prisoners in the United States, Oil and Gas Industry, Cyber Crime, and so much more!
  • Industry Reports from Agriculture, Energy & Environmental Services, E-Commerce, Sports & Recreations…
  • Locate statistics & facts by Countries including U.S., UK, China, Canada, France, etc.
  • Visualized Infographics on a wealth of topics, also easily sharing on social media.
  • Downloadable statistics into Graphic, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF.
  • Built-in Bluebook Citation

Statista’s home page looks like this.


Statista has a section on the Energy & Environmental Services industry among over 20 industry coverage. It has information like statistics and market data, industry overview, market studies & reports, and more. Statistics updates almost daily providing data on hot topics in the news.

North Korea said it had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb on Wednesday.This chart shows the maximum estimated/calculated North Korean missile ranges.


To learn more about Statista, access it through one of the below sites:

  • A-Z list on the library portal


  • VLS Libguides


As always, librarians are happy to help with any research questions and techniques!