*New* Agricultural & Environmental Science Database


Renowned for our Environmental Law programs, the Cornell library continues seeking new resources to add to our collection. Recently, we subscribed to a new database by Proquest called Agricultural & Environmental Science Database. As its name indicates, this database contains full-text and index articles on agricultural research and allied disciplines including: agricultural economics; animal and veterinary sciences; aquaculture and fisheries; farming and farming systems; food and human nutrition; forestry; and plant sciences.

Subject areas include:
• Agricultural economics
• Agricultural entomology
• Agricultural history
• Agriculture (general)
• Agriculture engineering
• Agriculture products
• Air pollution
• Animal sciences
• Biotechnology
• Botany
• Control technologies
• Endangered species
• Energy
• Environmental design
• Environmental education
• Environmental law and policy
• Environmental safety
• Geophysical and climate change
• Global warming
• International environmental policy
• Land use and pollution
• Marine pollution
• Noise pollution
• Population
• Population studies
• Radiological contamination
• Resource management
• Solid and toxic waste
• Sustainable development
• Toxicological effects
• Transportation
• Waste management
• Water pollution
• Wildlife / biodiversity
• Zoology

This database can be accessed through the A-Z Database List. To learn more about this resource and searching techniques, check out this research guide.


Electronic Resources & Technology Librarian,

Chenfang Yang, cyang@vermontlaw.edu, 802-831-1445