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Databases of the Month — March

Have you heard that Californians turn to rain dances to pray for water? Did you know that Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto say pipeline is ‘bigger mistake’ than Vietnam War? Are you trying to keep up with the nuclear crisis issues? You can … Continue reading

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Turn Down the Heat

December 7, 2102. On NPR’s Morning Edition today, former Dartmouth college president and now World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim announced the recent of the publication of a new study on climate change, entitled, Turn Down the Heat: Why a … Continue reading

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Imagine: A Heating Source Cheaper than Oil, with Community Benefits…

It is here, and has been here for a long time: wood. The Northern Forest Center’s pilot project called “the Model Neighborhood”  is inspiring of example of how wood is beneficial.  The purpose of the project is to “move away … Continue reading

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