Gender-Neutral Pronouns, LGBTQ Equality, & Transgender Remembrance Day

PROGRESS: A Colorado school district allows a transgender child, who identifies as a girl, to legally use the girl’s bathroom at school.

Julien & Virginia Cornell Library

I sat down with the Co-Chairs of the student group The Alliance, Eric Nickel (EN) and Jonah Richmond (JR), to talk about the work of the student group and Transgender Remembrance Day, November 20th. During the interview, Eric and Jonah created a safe and comfortable space to talk about gender identity and sexuality which reflects how they approach their work with The Alliance. Our conversation meandered. We spoke about meeting people whose gender identity we have never encountered before, as well as mainstream gay culture and where transgender issues fit in. An edited version of my interview is below.

The activities planned for Transgender Remembrance Day are listed at the end of the interview.

What does Alliance do and why is it at VLS?
JR: Alliance is here to promote LGBTQ equality in our community and for the world. We also provide a place for LGBTQ people to gather and…

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